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2025 Masters World Cup -- Klosters, Switzerland

AXCS Trip Dates: Arrive to Zurich on Friday, March 7 — Depart from Zurich on Sunday, March 16 but there are a lot of ways to customize these dates!

To see the latest Info and Updates for Team USA skiers, please also visit the Team USA Info and Updates page.

Throughout the spring/summer, reservations will continue to be accepted from USA skiers for AXCS Lodging Packages at the MWC2025 until all lodging allocations are full (even then we'll maintain wait lists).

Reservations can only be made by current AXCS members. If you are interested in joining us for this fantastic trip and are not currently an AXCS member, scroll to the bottom of this page for a special AXCS membership offer from Summer 2024 stretching until Fall 2025! 

Currently AXCS has filled all our allocation of hotel rooms at four Klosters village hotels and we have robust wait lists in place. AXCS still has availability at Kessler's Kulm Hotel and we are accepting new reservation requests for immediately placement at that hotel. Note that the number of nights and arrival/departure dates can usually be customized to fit your needs.

Kessler's Kulm Hotel is the U.S. Ski Team's "home away from home" whenever they are attending a Davos elite World Cup. It was also a favorite hotel of several dozen USA masters at the MWC2017. Kessler's has ski-in/out trails immediately adjacent to the hotel that are never used for the MWC2025 races (so they are available every day). Using those trails, you can ski point-to-point to/from Davos to enjoy that trail system and that famous town. Kessler's does require short train commutes to/from Klosters (16-18mins, trains run hourly). It takes only 9-10mins to reach Davos by train or bus). The train ride is incredibly scenic and smooth. A Davos/Klosters Premium Card that gives you free local train/bus rides is included with your lodging package.

AXCS MWC2025 Lodging Package Pricing information for Kessler's Kulm Hotel

--> Double: CHF 1745 per person -- 9 night package including lodging, half board (breakfast/dinner), & all taxes/fees. 

--> Double Room-used-as-Single: CHF 2240 -- 9 night package including lodging, half board (breakfast/dinner), & all taxes/fees. 

--> Single Guesthouse: CHF 1880 -- 9 night package including lodging, half board (breakfast/dinner), & all taxes/fees. 

NOTE: If you add additional nights past the basic 9 night package, the billing per night will be adjusted according to exact costs added. 


A really great trip!

If you were part of the 2017 USA crew attending the MWC2017 in Klosters/SUI, there really isn’t a whole lot of encouragement needed for you to be interested in the MWC2025 next winter. But for the folks that weren’t along for the fun in 2017, we’ll give everyone the full run-down.

Usually our AXCS trips to the MWC have something that appeals to a certain type of skier more than others. But next season features one trip that literally has it all.

Start with a quintessential Swiss alpine village just a couple hours by local trains or AXCS charter bus from the Zurich international airport. You can also assume that jaw-dropping scenery goes with the territory in the heart of the Alps.

Then add in over 100km of beautiful XC trails between Klosters & nearby Davos all minutes away from your lodging. With a modest altitude of 1200m (3900 feet), the trails of Klosters aren’t high enough to be a problem for low elevation skiers, but are high enough for a solid snow-on-the-ground track record.

Between the Klosters village and world-famous Davos -- go ahead and mix in tons of shopping, places to eat, cultural attractions, alpine skiing, and Jessie Diggin’s favorite sled runs. If anyone runs out of stuff to do on this trip, you aren’t trying hard enough.

Factor in a top-notch organizing committee with experience running everything from local races to various roles in the annual December Davos World Cup races.

Finally, just for kicks, add in the world’s biggest skate race (and arguably the biggest and best ski party on the entire Worldloppet) in the form of the Engadin Ski Marathon week taking place immediately before the MWC2025 opens up.

This is indeed a really, really, REALLY good MWC trip!


MWC2025 Snapshot

2017 trip participants know that Klosters is a very walkable village with jaw-dropping views no matter where you turn. But there are a few notable event tweaks for the MWC2025.

For starters, the stadium will be moved “upriver” about 500m from the 2017 stadium. The large pasture/meadow that featured prominently in the 5km green loop in 2017 will now be the base for a supersize stadium that should provide plenty of room for comfortable wave starts and exciting viewing for all finishes.

The aforementioned 5km green loop will also add a bit more terrain than 2017 winding up the valley a portion of the route used by younger categories in the 7.5km and 10km loops.

Finally, all the race courses will be entirely on the “shadow” side of the Klosters valley to help maintain stable snow conditions. This “all shadow” design has been a secret weapon for race organizers for the last several years to counter situations occasional warm-ups or low snow patterns.

The dates of the MWC2025 (mid-March) historically have an excellent track record for snowpack and comfortable temperatures. But as we are all learning by now, historical patterns are only part of providing reliability for ski events these days. To that end, Klosters has invested heavily in artificial snow capacity and snow storage since 2017. This combined with the “shadow” side race design plus a “worst case scenario” option to move races to the Davos valley floor — will give MWC2025 excellent reliability.

Outside the race courses, all ceremonies will be held in the Klosters Arena (along the walkway between hotels and the race stadium).


And If I Want To “Two-For-One” My MWC2025 Trip With A Side Dish of Engadin Ski Marathon?

Our target AXCS trip dates will get you in to Klosters on Friday, March 7 and if you don’t mind the quick turnaround from travel, you then can be ripping up the Engadin lake just two days later!

As was the case in 2017, Klosters organizers have arranged a special MWC2025 racer package with the Engadin Ski Marathon that will offer a special entry offer, the option for improved seeding, and a convenient rail transfer process on race day to and from Klosters and the ESM start/finish. More details on how all this will work will be forthcoming later this year.

The one thing that will be different with the ESM “add-on" than 2017 is that instead of following the MWC schedule — the main event ESM is on Sunday, March 9 followed immediately by the short distance MWC2025 races on Monday, March 10. With the ESM as a “warm-up act”, some folks may end up a little bit more strategic about their MWC2025 race choices than normal. Others may feel “more of everything” is the way to go. It’s all good folks!

Finally, although it might require extending your total trip dates a few days, it’s worth noting that the main event ESM is just one of several events held on the Engadin course the week prior to the MWC2025. A particularly interesting option is the 17km Engadin Night Race on Thursday evening, March 6.


Lodging & Locations

As always, AXCS has done considerable ground work and reserved a nice collection of lodging options for MWC2025 trip participants. However, this year we do have a word of warning.

Due to a the surging popularity of the Klosters/Davos region, the MWC2025 Organizing Committee simply does not have the same amount of lodging options as they did in 2017. Although AXCS projects to have close to the same amount of USA interest as in 2017, we have 30 fewer hotel rooms available going into Spring 2024. We also don’t know if we can get more space.

The upshot of this equation is that folks that are super keen to join us for this amazing trip will absolutely need to act quickly to get a preliminary reservation in place. Then subsequent deadlines as the year unfolds will really-for-real need to be adhered to as AXCS will undoubtedly have a robust wait list for lodging — and we won’t be able to be as patient on critical deadlines as some other years.

Further, this is Switzerland and technically the back end of the winter “high season”. So members will note that pricing is quite different than some other MWC trips. To help folks on a budget, AXCS has several suggested trip patterns ready that allow you to still enjoy all the ski fun — but lower the total price a little bit.


I'm really interested in this trip, but not a current AXCS member....

For spring/summer 2024, AXCS is offering a special two-year membership to anyone that sets up a MWC2025 Travel Package reservation that is not a current AXCS member. Until the last week in August you can join AXCS for two years (thru 10/31/2025) for just $70. This includes a two year subscription to the AXCS Digest (rated the best masters publication on the planet for masters XC skiers!); eligibility for the AXCS MWC2025 Travel Package; required USA license to race at the MWC2025; exclusive AXCS digital media benefits; exclusive discounts; and much more!

To take advantage of this special offer, go to the general AXCS donation webpage -- process a payment of $70 (or $105 for two people) -- and send a separate email to the AXCS National Office ...... AXCS at xcskiworld dot com ...... with your name(s), postal address, and email address.  That's it! AXCS will get you rolling from there!