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This page describes how to pay AXCS for your MWC Lodging Deposit or any other payments due for the MWC2024 trip to Vuokatti/FIN. 
Please note terms on all Lodging Balance payments at the bottom of this page.


One payment option is to pay via a check/money order payable to AXCS and send via postal mail to AXCS. The trip deposit paid with a check/money order is $750 per person ($1,500 for a couple). Mail your check to:
PO Box 604
Bend, OR 97709

NOTE: AXCS has seen multiple media reports of escalating nationwide mail theft issues over the first half of 2023. If you choose the "check in the mail" payment method, please be aware of this risk and take whatever precautions you can to make sure your mail stays safe. Writing with a gel pen seems to be a good tip with this potential issue.


Second payment toption is to pay via Venmo — being aware that Venmo charges AXCS a fee to accept payments from you via Venmo. So you need to add $14.50 per deposit (so the deposit paid person via Venmo should be $764.50 = $750 + $14.50 ). Please also note that the Venmo processing fees are non-refundable.

AXCS Venmo address is @AmericanXCSkiers                                                                                                                                   NOTE: For MWC deposits/payments, please make sure you put in only the AXCS Venmo address and not the personal address for AXCS National Director J.D. Downing!!!


Third payment toption is to pay via on-line credit/debit card payment — being aware that PayPal credit/debit card processing fees add roughly 2.3% to what you pay. Also please note that right now the deposit will show "MWC2023 Seefeld", we are trying to get that edited with PayPal. But regardless rest assured the deposit will be credited for the MWC2024 Vuokatti trip with AXCS!

To do the credit/debit card on-line option, follow these steps:

1.) In the box below, select (using blue arrow) if you want to pay a deposit for 1 or 2 people. Once you have the selection made, click on the "Buy Now" button.

2.) In the next screen, most people will select the Pay with Debit or Credit Card option (bottom oval shaped button on the page). If you regularly use a PayPal account to pay for things, you are welcome to log-in and use that option as well.

3.) In the Pay with Debit or Credit Card screen you just fill out what is asked, submit, and you have paid your deposit(s)!

Payment Amounts


Terms of MWC2024 Lodging Package payments:

AXCS Cancellation Policies on Lodging Packages Arranged by the Association
The deposit and/or final balance holds your room/board space in your AXCS hotel/apartment for the number of nights you request.

-> For all cancellation time periods, Venmo fees are non-refundable in any circumstance. PayPal credit card fees are mostly refundable (there can be $1-2 withheld).

-> For cancellations until July 9, deposit funds are 100% refundable.

-> If you cancel between July 10 - August 31, 2023, you will be refunded all but $60 (per person) of your deposit.

-> For cancellations between September 1 - October 31, all but $100 (per person) of your deposit will be refunded.

-> Refunds on cancellations starting November 1 will be subject to hotel/lodging cancellation policies with AXCS also retaining a minimum $160 (per person) -- a portion of which is tax deductible. All hotel/apartment cancellation policies will be provided to all AXCS trip participants well in advance of the November 1 date when cancellation policies have penalties for skiers.  AXCS urges all skiers to have travel insurance to protect your trip investment!

Additional note about MWC2024 Emergency Event Scenarios                                                                         As every MWC2024 trip participant can guess, neither AXCS nor the World Masters Association (WMA) can anticipate every possible global contingency that could potentially impact the viability of the MWC2024 taking place as scheduled. In the simplest possible terms, over the next year there will be a shared level of risk between the MWC2024 Organizing Committee, WMA, AXCS, every USA skier making travel plans, and the Vuokatti community. This will be identical to the shared risk with the successful MWC trips over the past two years.

In the worst case scenario, WMA does now have contractual language built in for a partial or full refund of MWC2024 entry fees (depending on the scenario). But when it comes to travel expenses, options for refunds or credits with airlines, ground transport, and lodging providers will entirely depend on the policies of each contracted entity. 

AXCS will help as much as possible over the trip planning year to provide as much detail as possible regarding cancellation and emergency scenarios within the lodging blocks our association is working with and (in the late stages prior to the trip) any group ground transport AXCS arranges for our membership.