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Plan for MWC2024 Team USA Airport/Train Station Ground Transfers


Chart of all USA skiers requesting ground transfers + pricing for most

--> On the attached chart (above) you will see your name and your arrival and departure information color-coded to match a specific type of ground transfer. Payments have NOT been updated on the chart since Jan 31. But if you made a successful PayPal payment, JD has noted it.

-->The vast majority of our USA transfers ended up pricing out at $25 USD each way per person. So you just need to add up the number of transfers you need to "purchase" and pay for that using the PayPal button below.

--> For those of you that have to use private taxi shuttles for arrival, JD will be emailing you with your specific amount to pay using the AXCS "donation" PayPal button. 

--> For those of you that need to use local buses from the train station, the price will be given to you as you board and you can pay with cash or credit card on the bus. You will not have nor need an advance reservation. AXCS is gathering a bit more info to help you as much as possible with the local bus process. 

--> A few of you with private taxis or local buses for departure may end up developing a better plan for your departure while we are in Vuokatti. JD will email those in these situations. You may end up paying the Organizing Committee directly for this new plan. So we will hold off on having you pay AXCS for now.



Payment System for those confirmed on $25 each way per person shuttles. Please note that there are four different Payment Amounts options in a drop down menu for 1 or 2 persons, use the blue arrow to go up or down to options before you click the yellow "Buy Now" button.........


Payment Amounts