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2020 Cogne General Information

2020 Masters World Cup: Cogne, Italy

Pronounced: Cone-yah

AXCS Trip Dates: March 3 - 14, 2020 ... if you add a couple days at the end it's possible to include the Engadin Ski Marathon on Sunday, March 15th (MWC Competition Dates will be March 7-13)

Local Organizer Website: www.MWC-2020.com

Best Travel Plan: International flight to Milan, Italy. It's possible (but not particularly easy or fast) to take a mix of trains and buses from the Milan-Malpensa Airport direct to the Cogne village center. However, AXCS anticipates setting up charter buses via the organizer and some skiers will no doubt opt for rental cars to access nearby adventure options. Ground travel time is roughly 2 hours.

Bottom Line: This is going to be a spectacularly beautiful venue with an outrageous amount of nearby added-value options all making for a fantastic ski vacation!

Steps To Sign Up For The MWC2020 AXCS Trip:
(last update: Monday, March 18)

-- AXCS is currently under production with the AXCS members-only Spring Digest print issue which lists complete information about the AXCS Trip to the MWC2020. That print issue will arrive to members by mid-April. Effective with the first week of April, AXCS will also send a members-only MasterBlast email detailing the same info to be included in the Digest. Between these two media sources, AXCS anticipates being able to reach 100% of our membership with trip details within a short span of time allowing opening of trip reservations latest by April 5.