Joining American XC Skiers (AXCS) -- Three Options!

Option #1.) Pay on-line via PayPal and email AXCS your membership info.

For this option, please select the membership dues option you like from the little PayPal drop down menu below (remember, 3 years is easily the best value!) and include your name/email in the box when paying. PayPal uses a very safe system and our members will not be charged a transaction fee.

If you are a renewing member and your contact information (postal address, email, phone) has not changed you are all set once your dues are processed.

If you are a NEW member or are renewing after a lapse in time, please email AXCS << axcs at xcskiworld dot com >> with your name, postal address, email, phone, year-of-birth and include a mention DUES PAID VIA PAYPAL. We'll take it from there!

Dues by Duration
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Option #2.) Join Via Print-And-Mail Form using your printer and normal postal mail.

Option #3.) Pay on-line via With this option you'll pay (no added processing fees) and provide membership info in one step. Note: Some of our current members are not thrilled with's customer service. For this reason AXCS is shopping for a new all-in-one registration provider. If you don't want to use Active, please see Option #1 with PayPal.

About American Cross Country Skiers

The mission of the AXCS is to provide exemplary services and membership benefits to all members while promoting and supporting cross country skiing throughout the United States.

American Cross Country Skiers (AXCS) is the U.S. national membership association for adult citizen XC skiers (aka "masters"). Founded in 1998, the AXCS serves U.S. master skiers with a wide range of education, promotion and communication programs. AXCS also is the officially recognized USA representative organization within the World Masters Association. AXCS membership benefit package has received international acclaim as one of the very best value-for-dollar benefit packages in not only the entire sport of XC skiing (all ages and abilities) -- but worldwide masters endurance sport as well. Skiers of any age and interest are welcome to join American XC Skiers at any time. Skiers ages 25+ are eligible to compete for national masters titles in the U.S.A. (30+ years at the international Masters World Cup). Note: AXCS has developed a new international membership for skiers living outside the USA focusing on our highly-valued media benefits -- please ask!

AXCS annual membership benefits include:

  • Two print publication subscriptions! The 2x per year, members only AXCS XC Ski Digest plus The Master Skier Annual Journal. Every Digest is loaded with exclusive articles specific to adult skiers from novices to experts from around the XC world & The Journal is an annual highlight for many skiers.;

  • Annual Subscription to the XC World E-Bulletins (members only! -- sent throughout the year). Even more exclusive articles specific to adult skiers from novices to experts from around the XC world.;

  • Exclusive info and annual license for the annual Masters World Cup event (this license alone valued at $150 per year!). Plus your membership helps guarantee USA representation each year within the World Masters Association;

  • Support for the annual production of the National Masters Championships & annual recognition of the honorary U.S. Masters Team;

  • Exclusive annual eligibility in the American Ski Odyssey program within the American Ski Marathon Series;

  • Support for -- the XC world's home for masters XC skiing (made possible by AXCS members);

  • Support for unique AXCS community outreach programs including the Nationwide Club Network (over 300 clubs & training groups coast-to-coast), Club Development projects, and more!;

  • Exclusive special programs and discounts for members each year;

Think you have to be a "serious racer" to be interested in AXCS membership? Think again. Citizen skiers and racers of literally all abilities, interests, and an incredible range of ages all find AXCS membership to be an indispensable part of their annual ski seasons. You'll discover that we are a fantastic resource for all devotees of groomed skiing even if you never toe the start line.

Of course, if you are a racer (serious, semi-serious, not-serious-at-all-but-like-to-look-good-whenever-possible, etc.), you simply cannot find a better investment in your skiing. No other national organization exclusively focuses on adult citizen skiers/racers...your interests, your needs, your community, your life.

The American Cross Country Skiers (AXCS) is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit membership organization based in Bend, Oregon. An eleven member AXCS Board of Directors consisting of volunteer representatives from every division in the United States snow region directs all operations of the AXCS.

Join the fun and excitement of cross country skiing at it's best today!

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